The Newest Portal A Original: Song Voyage

Over a year ago, our team at Portal A sat down with The Gregory Brothers to map out an original show that would take their musical comedy genius to a global scale.

We are hugely proud to announce the release of SONG VOYAGE, a semi-scripted original comedy series that follows the Gregorys as they travel the world to collab with an eccentric group of local musicians – from a rapper in Vietnam to a throat singer Mongolia.

The show, created and produced by Portal A in collaboration with the Gregory Brothers, was released with an exclusive window on Sling TV, and you can see the premiere episode, the first music video, and all 6 upcoming episodes on the Gregorys’ channel. The show will be distributed and promoted with an aggressive marketing campaign in early 2017. Song Voyage has also already received some fantastic early press, including this exclusive coverage in Mashable.

This company got its start in original content – it’s a huge part of our history and central to our identity moving forward. Alongside the premiere of Song Voyage, the leadership of George Woolley, and with over a dozen original projects in development and production, we’re gearing up for a big year for Portal A Originals in 2017.


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