New Show on YouTube Red: ONE SHOT

We’re thrilled to announce the premiere of ONE SHOT, the latest and greatest original show from Portal A, debuting on YouTube Red.

ONE SHOT follows internet icon and star choreographer Willdabeast Adams as he hits the streets of Miami to discover an underground dancer and put them on the map in a breakthrough dance video.

Watch the special by clicking the thumbnail below and read more about the coverage of One Shot.

A gigantic thank you to the creative team, the production crew, and our wonderful partners at YouTube Red who helped bring this project to life. Taking this show from concept to execution has been one of our most rewarding journeys and it wouldn’t have been possible without everyone who contributed along the way.

Let’s dance!

Team Portal A



Executive Producers: Nate Houghteling, Kai Hasson, Zach Blume, Sheonna Mix
Co-Executive Producers: Brandon Gross, Jacob Motz, Jeff Sabin-Matsumoto, Tarvenia Jones
Line Producer: Jordan Nefouse
Consulting Producers: Will Adams, Tim Milgram
Producers: Brandon Avery, Brittani Kagan
Production Supervisor: Chris Holguin
Supervising Producer: Brad Kreisberg
Associate Producer: Courtney Clark-Breton, Savana Vagueiro, Brittany Turner, Mikayla Cowley, Chin Lu
Production Coordinator: Tyronne Baker Jr.
Director of Photography: Jon Michael Ryan
Camera Operators: Carlos De Varona, Alexandra Vivas
Assistant Camera Operator: Ray Morales Jr.
DIT: Ramses Perez
Tech Coordinator: Adam Heim
Audio Mixer: Jorge Bouza
Gaffer: John Galindez
Grip: Telvin Mobley
Hair & Makeup: Jessica Rivero
Post Producer: Dee Balson Mollett
Editors: Henry Harmon, Erik Rosenbluh, F.Michael Young
Additional Editor: Ben Cook, Arturo Morales
Graphics By: Brad Low, Tess Hannel, Bee Rhodes, Angela Chang
Music: Extreme Music, Vanacore Music, State Seal Music , J Blaze Online Editor: Carlos Ramos
Colorist: Jeff Jacobson
Sound Mixer: Russell Johnson
Post Production Services Provided By: SonicPool Post Production
Casting Producer: Mimi Vengoechea
Casting Assistant: Meg Schmidt
Production Assistants: Juan Alvarez, Ben Jarkow, Colt McCutcheon, Dimitrius Tart


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