REWIND 2013: What Does YouTube Say?

Portal A Partners With YouTube to Create Most Star-Studded Collaboration in Internet History (We Checked)

The year on YouTube brought us screaming goats, flaming twerks, forest foxes, wrecking balls, epic rap battles, and more Harlem Shakes than we can even remember. And we watched every video. So when YouTube approached us to create a tribute to this epic year, we were ready. Rewind 2013 is the culmination of three months of work by a creative team and a production crew that went above and beyond every step of the way to bring YouTube to life.

Please see below for full production credits and watch the video here.


The Rewind production was truly sprawling; we took over an expansive desert, flew the skies of downtown LA, and built a night forest fit for foxes. We partnered with our good friends at Sweatpants Media to up the epicness – with aerial photography from planes and helicopters, massive mortar explosions, RC heli shots, custom motorcycles, Ultimate Arm shots, and beyond.

We were also fortunate enough to work with a coterie of amazing guest stars, including Macklemore, Jimmy Fallon, Jimmy Kimmel, Sesame Street and over 60 of YouTube’s brightest stars (not to mention 30 insanely talented goats). Five of the top tracks from 2013 were mashed up by DJ Earworm to create the soundtrack.

We are honored to have worked with YouTube on this amazing project. A HUGE thank you to our production partners Sweatpants Media and Cinesaurus who poured their hearts and souls into this adventure. We also want to extend a tremendous thank you to the amazing cast of YouTube stars and the production crew for their boundless effort, enthusiasm, and skill.

The Portal A Team


Rewind 2013 Created by Portal A
Directed by Kai Hasson
Executive Producers: Nate Houghteling, Zach Blume
Key Production Support Provided by Sweatpants Media
Senior Producer: Finley Wise
Producers: Jeffrey Sabin-Matsumoto, David Iain Johnson
Director of Photography: Alex Jacobs
Lead Editor: Sari Tracht
Additional Editor: Morgan Wise
Assistant Editor: Jake Keller
Graphics and Special Effects: Cinesaurus aka Gritty Reboots
1st AD: Jeffrey Sabin-Matsumoto and Finley Wise
2nd Unit Director: Jonny Zeller
2nd Unit Directors Assistant: Ray Czaplicki
A Cam 1st AC: Wes Waters | B Cam Op: Bryant Swantsrom | B Cam 1st AC: Zach Bobbitt | 2nd AC: Seaton Trotter | C Cam Op: Alex Watson | C Cam 1st AC: Mikey Zeller | Camera PA: Nate Garcia
Ultimate Arm Driver: Kevin Frame | Ultimate Arm Crane Op: Michael Pagan | Ultimate Arm Tech: Dustin Keller
Heli/Gimbal Pilot: Craig Coker
Behind the Scenes Videography and Editing: Alan Dean
Sweatpants Media Behind the Scenes: Alex Watson, Matt Griffin, Eli Suzuki-Gill, Mikey Zeller
Gaffer: Evan Cox | Best Boy Electric: David Klassen | Electric: Nima Zandi | Key Grip: Joel Nix | Best Boy Grip: Nick Piatnik | Grip: Brian Weber
Color Correction: Prehistoric Digital
Production Designer: Mike Casey
Art Director: Mike Mestas
Prop Master: Brook Shafer
Wardrobe Designer: Annie Rothschild | Wardrobe Assistant: Ayumi Moore | Wardrobe PA: Rachelle Almeida
Makeup Artist: Erin Nichols | Makeup Assistants: Kate Mullin, Vivian Wise, Andrea Garcia, Erica Preus
Stunt Coordinator: Mickey Cassidy
Additional Rigger: Mike Cassidy Sr.
Stunt Twerking Girl: Daphne Avalon www.daphneavalon.com
Photographer: Greg Balkin of Brightwood Photography
Animal Wrangler: Morgan Bateman of A-List Animals
Humane Society Animal Monitor: Joan Waldman
Motorcycle/Gear: Roland Sands Design
Helicopter Pilot: Perry Sands
Airplane Pilot: Scott Geils
Airplane Owner: Paul Raymond
SFX: George Zamora
Water Truck Driver: Tom Pike
Location Mangers: Al Sumian, Jeff Morris
Button Design and Production: WhaleFilm
Strategy and Creative Support: Drew Glover and Jessica Schiffman
Production Assistants: Asia Lemasters, Andrea Murillo, Edan Sberlo, Katama Martellucci, Jay Salahi, Frederick Gourge, Jesse Mico, Andrea Chrunyk, Melanie Adams


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