#YouTubeRewind: Turn Down for 2014

Portal A and YouTube Create The Most Ambitious, Epic Rewind To Date (Again) 

When we began planning for YouTube Rewind 2014 six months ago, we set the bar high: top each of our previous installments to the Rewind franchise with the most star-studded, action-packed Rewind in history. After some group breathing exercises, we held hands, closed our eyes, and jumped in headfirst.

Rewind represents the culmination of a half year’s worth of creative inspiration, thousands of hours of work from the best production team in the business, collaborations with hundreds of YouTube’s brightest stars, and more time spent watching YouTube videos than we’re prepared to talk about right now.

We are extremely proud to unveil the fruits of our labor, an unprecedented mashup of over 120 YouTube creators taking place on four continents and packed with more YouTube magic than ever before.

Please see below for the full production credits and watch the video here.


To reflect the international scope of the platform itself, Rewind 2014 was brought to life on a global scale, with our team traveling the world to collaborate with creators on their home turf.

In New York City, we captured a “Happy” inspired dance sequence through the streets of Manhattan. In London, we created a set paying homage to Iggy’s “Fancy” populated with some of Europe’s biggest YouTube stars. In Tokyo, we took over the streets of a traditional market and rolled in an eighteen wheeler truck to re-create the pink set of “All About That Bass.” Remote footage was sent in and integrated from creators around the US as well as from Mexico, Austria, Brazil, and beyond. Back home in Los Angeles, we worked with a tireless design team to recreate some of the biggest YouTube sets of the year to life – from “First Kiss” to “Anaconda” and “Dark Horse.”

We are extremely grateful to the YouTube creators around the world who brought their talent and energy to the screen. We believe this incredible roster of talent represents the future of entertainment. And in addition to the cavalcade of YouTube stars, we were fortunate to work with the likes of Conan O’Brien, Jimmy Kimmel, John Oliver, and Stephen Colbert. And most importantly, Big Bird.

Rewind 2014 was made possible by a group that went above and beyond at every step of the way. From our creative team who designed the vision for the video, to our producers who battled jet lag and made miracles happen on a global production, to our editorial team who worked around the clock to bring the video to life, to the team at YouTube who made this entire adventure possible. We are grateful to each one of you.

The opportunity to work on projects like Rewind is the reason why we got into this business in the first place. We are honored to be a part of this tradition. We hope you enjoy Rewind as much as we loved making it.

The Portal A Team



Created by Portal A
Directed by Kai Hasson
Executive Producers: Nate Houghteling, Zach Blume, Kai Hasson
Senior Producers: Finley Wise, Jacob Motz
Producers: Jeffrey Sabin-Matsumoto, David Iain Johnson
Associate Producer: Brendan Nahmias
Lead Editor: Sari Tracht
Assistant Editor: Jake Keller
Music Director: Nate Houghteling
Music Producer: DJ Earworm
Composer: David Wittman
VFX: Brandon Hirzel | BEMO
VFX Assistant Editor: Kellan Moore
Graphics Editor: Jake Keller
1st AD: Finley Wise
2nd AD: Jeffrey Sabin-Matsumoto
Director of Photography: Alex Jacobs
Steadicam Op: Bryant Swantsrom
2nd Unit Director: Morgan Wise
Production Designer: Evan Rohde
Art Director: Christian Stone
Behind the Scenes Editor: Jake Keller
Wardrobe Designer:  Ayumi Moore
Music Licensing: Julie Wadley | Say Yes! Music
Color Correction: Moving Picture Company
Sound Design: Brent Kiser | Unbridled Sound
Choreographer: Hok Konishi
Assistant Choreographer: Ryan Feng
Copywriter: Sam Jackson
Production Coordinator: Kalli Sandberg
Strategist: Jessica Schiffman
Production Assistants: Kenji Chris Green, Jenny Leaf, Alexandra Hartman


Production Coordinator: Gabe Munitz-Alessio
Production Assistants: James Regan, Marcus LoScalzo
1st AC: Joe Barese | 2nd AC: Jessica Beavis
Gaffer: Ashton Harwin | Key Grip:Ari Schaeffer | Swing: Oliver Rush
Art Production Assistant: Ray Pitt
Sound Mixer: James Hollander
Behind the Scenes Videographer: Taylor Christoffel | Behind the Scenes Photographer: Ashlee Dupree
Makeup & Hair: Melinda Ballanco
Wardrobe Assistant: Allie Doughtry
Supervisor for Late Night Hosts: Ben Harrison


London Facilitators: Naomi Coates Symonds, Jeff Emerson | Leap Productions
Location Manager: Jamie Lindsay
Production Assistants: Maria Ana Dias, Andrius Vystartas
2nd Unit Director of Photography: Catherine Goldschmidt
2nd Unit  AC: Leon Hoser | 1st AC – A Cam: James Melrose | 1st AC – B Cam: Azu Ekwukoma | 2nd AC: Josh Donaldson
Gaffer: John Barker
Lighting Assistants: Rob Pye, Alberto Balasz, John Lee Barker, Kieran Brown
Art Director: Chris Williams
Construction Manager: Matin Cordiano
Painter/Construction: Toby Caldicott, John Wayre, Simon Mitchell, Sam Scribbins
Behind the Scenes Videographer: Amin Mueller | Behind the Scenes Photographer: Davide Restifo
Makeup & Hair: Amber Childs | Makeup Assistant: Victoria Stride
Wardrobe Assistant:Tina Young
Transporters: Drago Dragostinov, Dom Brown
Stunt Coordinator: Bill Davey


Creative Assistant: Morgan Wise
2nd 2nd Assistant Director: Brendan Nahmias
Production Assistants: Kenji Chris Green, Jenny Leaf, Alexandra Hartman, Zach Pendergrass
1st AC – A Cam : Paulo Uchoa | 2nd AC – A Cam : Giselle Gonzalez | 1st AC – B Cam : Alicia Pharris
Gaffer: Evan Cox
Sound Mixer: Meghan Underwood
Key Grip: Josh Smith | Best Boy Grip: Stephen Chang, Derek Bazan | Grip: Francisco Esperaza, Austin Irving | Dolly Grip: Michael Rha
Best Boy Electric: Dave Klassen | Electric: David Libertella, Yammie
Set Dressers: Christian Fritsch, Tom Bruck, Roni Levi
Scenic: Paula Zimmermann, Juan Ramal
Art Production Assistants: Brent Nieto, Christie Conyers, Ryan Johnson, Davon Stallworth
Pro-Cam Techs: Brian McPherson, Johnny Cambria
Data Managers: Paul Zlatin, B.J. Iwen
Dancers: Hok Konishi, Ryan Feng, Jolee Lee, Rudy Reynon, Mark Swarf, Garvin “Gyroe” Tran, Aye Hasegawa
Alex welch, Renee Kester, Ashley Cinq-Mars
Behind the Scenes Photographer: Greg Balkin of Brightwood Photography | Behind the Scenes Videographer: Brandon Kapelow
Makeup & Hair: Erin Nichols | Makeup Assistants: Erica Preus, Melissa Meinhart, Blair Borland
Wardrobe Assistants: Rachelle Almeida, Cami Nemanich
Wardrobe Interns: Detron Nelson, Alayna Bell-Price
Stunt Coordinator: Mickey Cassidy
Pyrotechnics Tech: Rene Diamante
Devil Baby Op: Todd Minobe
Set Medic: Alonso Pelayo
Warehouse Manager: Darren Green 


Tokyo Fixer: Kenji Chris Green
2nd 2nd Assistant Director: Dai Yamamoto
Location Manager: Takuma Sugi
Production Assistant: Jumbo
1st AC:Ryo Ishida | 2nd AC: Masao Ookawara
Gaffer: Tak Kawabe
Best Boy Electric: Takumi Hirai| Electric Assistants: Seiichi Iwamaru, Takaya Yamada and Yasuhiro Yoshida
Art Director: Kikuo Ota
Set Dresser: Keisuke Sakurai
Art Driver: Kawaguchi
Behind the Scenes Videographer: Tetsuro IMAI | Behind the Scenes Photographer: Atsumi Aota
Makeup & Hair: Yuka Shimizu
Wardrobe: Azuna Saito
Dancers: Aichi Ono, Mio kobayashi, Mami Hirano, Miki Okamoto, Sayaka Imago


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