Portal A at VidCon 2018

We’re very happy to share Portal A’s featured panels at VidCon this year:

Join us for the following sessions:

A Discussion with the Founders of Portal A
Saturday, June 23 at 11:30am // Room 253
How do you build a studio for a new generation of viewers? Over the past eight years, Portal A has answered that question. With over one billion views on its work, the company has produced a string of hits, partnered with breakthrough talent, and set a new standard in digital entertainment. Join Portal A co-founders Zach Blume, Nate Houghteling, and Kai Hasson for an exclusive fireside chat exploring their journey – from creating web shows out of a basement office in 2010 to becoming the go-to studio for global brands like YouTube, Clorox, Lenovo, Google, Warner Bros., including its flagship project, YouTube Rewind.

Navigating the Brand-Creator Collaboration 
Friday, June 22 at 11:30am // Room 258B
Brand partnerships give creators opportunities to tackle their most ambitious creative visions. But how do successful influencers navigate the creative collaboration? Moderated by Forbes’ Tom Ward, digital studio Portal A, Alexis G. Zall, and MyLifeAsEva discuss the ins and outs of successful brand-creator collaborations and how to develop concepts that delight fans and partners alike.

Brands & Creators: Is This Marriage Working?
Thursday, June 21 at 1pm // Room 304CD
The explosion of content and the destruction of conventional media channels have transformed the world of advertising, opening the door for a new creator class who bring their own audiences. But for all of the opportunity in the influencer space, it comes fraught with complexity. Where are we in the evolution of the brand and creator relationship? What have we figured out so far and where is the friction? What tools are helping and what models show promise?


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