The Adventures of Nunchuck Larry

A Letter Directly from the Director’s Dojo

This story, this script, this pilot…it came to me in a fever dream a few months ago.

It wasn’t until we were on set that it became clear where that dream came from. It was born from something not only inside of me, but inside of every man or woman, lion or child. It’s a feral rage-like emotion dressed in a leopard print vest with laser beam leggings. Larry is katanas and lightning bolts spewing from your eyes when you hear a maniacal electric guitar solo from across the dojo.

This perfectly timed scissor kick was made by a group of people who all looked inside themselves and found their own ‘chuck slinging mustachio’d warrior deep down, waiting for a full moon to be released on the world.

Portal A is all about making dope series that embrace the weirdness of the internet. The loud, epic, surprising videos that make us all stop in our tracks wherever we are to take part in something truly new. We want to see more of Larry, because he embodies these same values. He’s our spiit animal, and his adventures should be yelled from the mountaintops.

For all my comrades who helped create The Adventures of Nunchuck Larry: A Fascist Android Killed My Best Friend Sarge, there was a piece of common ground to stand on in perfect crane kick form. Larry was not a video or production. It was… and is… a way of life.

I’m proud to call everyone involved my family. The cast and the crew of…

The Adventures of Nunchuck Larry: A Fascist Android Killed My Best Friend Sarge

Created and Produced by Portal A
Written and Directed by Jacob Motz
Executive Producers: Nate Houghteling, Kai Hasson, Zach Blume, Jacob Motz
Co-Executive Producers: The Gregory Brothers

Team Larry
Producer: Kenji C. Green
Associate Producer: Bouket Fingerhut
Project Manager: Savana Vagueiro
Head of Originals: George Woolley
Head of Talent: Brittani Kagan
Associate Talent Producer: Ellie Loarca
1st Assistant Director: Jeff Sabin Matsumoto
Production Assistant: Daniel “Cheeks” Aguillon
Production Assistant: Antonio Olivera
Director of Photography: Arjun Prakash
1st AC: Brian White
2nd AC: Ryan Summersett
Sound Mixer: Justin Garcia
Gaffer: Doug Frerichs
Production Designer: Karleigh Engelbrecht
Art Director: Lauren Kim
Hair & Makeup Stylist: Crystal Gomez
Wardrobe Stylist: Ciara Whaley
Wardrobe Assistant: Tanisha Caple
Stunt Coordinator: Mickey Cassidy
Set Medic: Matthew Allende
Lead Editor: Art Morales
Assistant Editor/VFX Artist: Bee Rhodes
Additional Music: Megan McDuffee
Graphic, Strategy, Communications: Tess Hannel, Matt Ward, Chin Lu, Donna Nasserghodsi

Larry: Stevin Espinoza
Zeo: Michelle Waterson
Sarge: Joe Hursley
Ruby: Maya Washington
Teen: Bon Bon Centeno
Xixi: Kyle Mizono
Donatello, Pat, and Ricardo: The Gregory Brothers
Lawn Darts Man: Flula
Guard #1: Paul Seroka
Guard #2: Mayling Ng
Scientist: Howard Fong
Scientist Assistant: Bouket Sea China Nemer Akguc Fingerhut
Sherpa: Kenji C. Green
Guy in a Wheelchair with a Rocket Launcher: Jacob Motz


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