YouTube Rewind: The Shape of 2017

A Time Capsule of Internet Culture, Brought to You by Portal A and YouTube

YouTube Rewind is a project unlike any other. Each year, the Internet’s biggest video brings together twelve months of trends, stars, music, and memes into a single, can’t-miss global event (Rewind 2016 alone was viewed over 200 million times). For the past six years, we’ve had the extraordinary honor of working with YouTube and the platform’s top Creators to help make this project a reality, and to grow the ambition and scale of Rewind to new heights every year.

This edition of Rewind is bigger, bolder, and weirder than ever before – taking our team around the world several times over to bring the dynamic culture of YouTube to life and to collaborate with the most exciting and influential young stars on the planet.

Watch YouTube Rewind: The Shape of 2017

The production of Rewind is always a thrill ride, and this year was no different. We began the process like we do every year: by consuming an absurd (unhealthy?) amount of YouTube content. From there, we worked with YouTube to craft the structure of the video, and mapped out an ambitious (insane?) plan to bring it all to life.

When all was said and done, we had partnered with a record number of YouTube Creators representing nearly 20 different countries, with 20 shoot days across Rio De Janeiro, London, Tokyo, New York, Los Angeles, and more. Our heroic edit team took it the rest of the way –bringing together an incredible amount of footage from around the globe into a cohesive story that leaves you singing from beginning to end.

As always, Rewind is the result of an extraordinary effort on the part of a production, talent, and creative team (below) who went above and beyond to make Rewind special. And as always, we were inspired at every step by the YouTube community’s unending capacity for creativity and ingenuity.

We hope you love watching Rewind as much as we loved making it. And if you’re ever not sure what’s happening on screen…buckle up and enjoy the ride. There’s always 2018.  

Watch YouTube Rewind: The Shape of 2017

The Team at Portal A


YouTube Rewind 2017 Produced by Portal A
Music Composed by The Hood Internet
Creative Director: Kai Hasson
Executive Producers: Zach Blume, Nate Houghteling
Director: Jackson Adams
Project Director: Emma White
Head of Talent: Brittani Kagan
Supervising Producer: Finley Wise
Managing Producer: Elyse Preiss
Senior Producer and Music Supervisor: Jeffrey Sabin-Matsumoto
Lead Producers: Bouket Fingerhut, Kenji Green, Kady Kamakate, Eduardo Castro Fonseca
Lead Editor: Arturo Morales
Lead Assistant Editor: Bee Rhodes
Talent Producers: Katie Felber, Ellie Loarca, Dustin Glass
Writers: Erin Schmalfeld, Sam Jackson
Brazil Project Manager: Savana Vagueiro da Fonseca
Strategy: Matthew Ward, Chin Lu
Communications: Donna Nasserghodsi
Design: Angela Chang

Digital & Design: Hook Studios
Social Agency: Big Spaceship


1st AD: Ian Van der Werff
2nd AD: Kate Alden
Production Manager: Christina Argyres
Production Coordinator: Karla Esquivel
Talent Coordinator: Meg Schmidt
Director of Photography: Alan Gwizdowski, Alex Jacobs, Tobias von dem Borne
Steadicam + Drone Operator: Bryant Swanstrom
BTS Photographer: Elyse Frelinger
BTS Videographer: John Charles Peterson, Mitchell Overton
Gaffer: Martin Kobylarz, David Cronin, Evan Cox
Key Grip: Zac Donner, Randy Garcia, David Klassen, Alex Lizotte
Production Designer: Christian Stone
Wardrobe Designer: Ayumi Moore
Key Makeup & Hair: Erica Preus
SFX: Rene Diamente
Choreographer: Matt Steffanina


Local Fixers: Chikayo Morijiri,  Ryuzo Tsutsui
1st AD: Finley Wise
Director of Photography: Alan Gwizdowski Production Designer: Kikuo Ota
Gaffer: Katsuyuki Hashimoto
Wardrobe: Michiko Koizumi
Hair and Makeup: Yuka Shimizu

Director: Lex Halaby
Local Fixers: Chan Clagget, Brian Hegedus
Director of Photography: Alex Jacobs

Director: Lex Halaby
Local Fixer: Gabriel Munitz- Alessio
Directors of Photography: Bryan Margaca, Diana Eliazov


Local Fixer: Krystel Aguilera
Director of Photography: Jerry Thompson

Local Fixers: Jeff Emmerson, Lucy Trendle
1st AD’s: Dan Gibling, Finley Wise
Director of Photography: Alan Gwizdowski
Gaffer: Mark Brennan
Key Grip: Terry Williams
Production Designer: Chris Williams
Stylist: Tina Young
Key Makeup / Hair: Amber Childs

Local Producer: Shanti Corrêa 1st AD: Flavia Gomes
Director of Photography: Lula Carvalho
Gaffer: Aridalto Manhães
Grip: Danilo Macario Production Designer: Gabriella Valverde
Wardrobe Stylist: Julia Mello
Makeup Artist: Luiz Gaia

Editors: Pierce Wilson, Bruce Guido, Mikhail Mehra, Mike Immerman, Adrián Morales Ramos, Taylor Brusky
VFX Partner: Visual Creatures: Tita Poe, Alejandro Restrepo, Arnold Aldridge
Color Correction: Aaron Hayden, Daniel Woiwode
Sound Design & Mix: Michael O’Connor


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