Nate Houghteling
Nate Houghteling
Kai Hasson
Kai Hasson
Zach Blume
Zach Blume


Executive Producer

Creative Director

Managing Partner

PORTAL A is an award-winning content agency creating breakthrough entertainment with the most influential talent and brands in the world.

We’re here because the internet has changed the way content is consumed. 

The power is with the audience – we choose what we watch, who we follow, and can tune anything out with a swipe of the finger.

But we’re still served a steady diet of Advertising and Programming – the beat-you-over-the-head sales pitch that interrupts what we really want to see.

Our mission is to make content that refuses to be ignored. We partner with innovative brands and talent to create work that breaks through the noise. 

Emma White Emma White

Emma White

Vice President

Robyn Buensuceso

Robyn Buensuceso

Head of Business Operations

Brittani Kagan Brittani Kagan

Brittani Kagan

Head of Talent

Elyse Preiss Elyse Preiss

Elyse Preiss

Head of Production

Art Morales

Art Morales

Head of Post Production

Todd Barrish

Todd Barrish

Head of Growth

Jacob Motz Jacob Motz

Jacob Motz

Director of Development

Arif Zaman Arif Zaman

Arif Zaman

Director of Partnerships, Originals

Vanessa Gentry Vanessa Gentry

Vanessa Gentry

Project Manager

Quanny Carr Quanny Carr

Quanny Carr


Alice Park Alice Park

Alice Park

Director + Creative Lead

Alice Schroeder

Alice Schroeder


Mika Smith Mika Smith

Mika Smith

Operations Manager

Asia LeMasters Asia LeMasters

Asia LeMasters


Ria Madon Ria Madon

Ria Madon

Talent Producer

Grace Emery Grace Emery

Grace Emery

Senior Project Manager

Karen Janssen Karen Janssen

Karen Janssen


Meg Schmidt Meg Schmidt

Meg Schmidt

Talent Producer, Originals

Jackson Adams Jackson Adams

Jackson Adams


Bee Rhodes Bee Rhodes

Bee Rhodes

Visual Effects Lead

Eduardo Castro Fonseca Eduardo Castro Fonseca

Eduardo Castro Fonseca

Senior Producer

Brett Bertani Brett Bertani

Brett Bertani

Senior Finance Manager

Matthew Ward Matthew Ward

Matthew Ward

Director of Strategy

Kelly Egan Kelly Egan

Kelly Egan

Senior Talent Producer

Samuel R. Jackson Samuel R. Jackson

Samuel R. Jackson

Senior Copywriter

Angela Chang Angela Chang

Angela Chang

Senior Designer

Isabel Bagsik Isabel Bagsik

Isabel Bagsik


Liv Burke Liv Burke

Liv Burke

Junior Strategist

HIRING - Director of Project Management (SF)

HIRING - Director of Project Management (SF)

Hiring - Talent Producer (LA)

Hiring - Talent Producer (LA)

HIRING - Senior Creative (LA)

HIRING - Senior Creative (LA)