The story begins in 1989, when Portal A’s three partners first met at the age of 5, bonding over jump shots and crossovers on the elementary school playground. The court was called Portala.

Fast forward 20 years, as we each toiled away at traditional media companies, and we were struck by a pair of life-altering realizations: (1) we no longer had any matching socks, and (2) the way brands, advertisers, and entertainment outlets were thinking about video was no longer relevant.

The follow-on from (1) is a story for a different day, but (2) is quite relevant here, since it led us directly to our first web series in 2007, an international motorcycle adventure called Huge in Asia, and ultimately, the creation of Portal A.

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The rise of a little thing called the Internet has spawned a new audience for entertainment. We have more distractions than ever, we are more discerning than ever, and we are better equipped to completely tune out anything we don’t immediately find compelling. 

But the issue is that many brands and big media companies haven’t caught up to the changing appetite of the modern viewer. That’s why we’re still served a steady diet of Advertising – with a capital “A,” meaning that beat-you-over-the-head type of messaging that momentarily distracts from the content you actually want to see. So ads and programs just sit there, sad and unloved (like our socks, but again – another day).


At Portal A, we dedicate ourselves to a single mission: inspire a modern audience. We’ve spent years honing our craft – and we know the difference between an idea that sounds good in a conference room and one that will set the Internet ablaze.

Today, we’re a team of 50 producers, writers, talent managers, directors, strategists, and project managers based in our offices in San Francisco and Los Angeles. We develop original entertainment and create branded content that engages a modern audience – whether it’s about driving awareness for new products, developing formats built for new platforms, or just ghostriding to keep the A’s in Oakland.

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Nate, Kai, Zach, and the team at Portal A