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May 15, 2024

Bella Sims Needs a Life

Our new Moonshot project 🌕🚀 BELLA SIMS NEEDS A LIFE.

At just 18, Bella Sims is one of the best swimmers in the world. But with her non-stop schedule preparing for the Paris Olympics in 2024, she’s missed out on the chance to just be…a teenager.

Released exclusively on IG @arabellagsims, Bella discovers the joys of life outside of the pool – getting ready for prom, adopting a puppy, pulling a prank with friends, indulging in a cheat day.

The series takes an innovative approach to storytelling, with 10 consecutive posts and a full takeover of Bella’s socials through a mix of stills and short-form vertical video unfolding in real-time. Bella is unbelievably talented and a magnetic personality. You’ll be hearing about her for many years to come.