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April 8, 2021

Meet Beck Lee


Beck comes to Portal A as part of our ongoing internship program and partnership with BAYCAT, an organization dedicated to equitable representation in media.

Learn more about BAYCAT: https://baycat.org

What drew you to the world of production? 

What drew me to the world of production were the many animated shows and movies I watched as a kid growing up, and a YouTube community I joined as a teenager that helped me realise that I could teach myself and learn from other people on how to make creative multimedia. As I continued to dabble in video post-production and audio, I found myself “lost” in the creative process – forgetting time and the need to feed myself – but having the most fun while being able to express myself without fear of judgement. My inability to just BE myself unapologetically – a queer Korean femme – let alone express myself creatively in a 1st gen Christian Asian immigrant family, is what stoked my desire to make my mark on this world and be the loudest I can be. 

What inspires you creatively?

What inspires me creatively is seeing other people’s individual and collaborative works in art, music, and film. Specifically, I love listening to songs and watching music videos that stray from the mainstream style and narrative revolving solely around heteronormative relationships, capitalism, and patriarchy. I’m also a huge fan of animated shows and movies that can appeal to all ages and share important themes and messages that can help viewers think critically about themselves and the world around them. Anything and anyone who isn’t afraid to talk about “uncomfortable” topics and has the mindset of “un-learning” is the kind of content and person I strive to create and be.

What are you hoping to gain from your internship experience with Portal A? 

I am hoping to gain from my internship experience with Portal A the knowledge and skillset of working more in Adobe After Effects, specifically motion graphics, and insight into the professional, collaborative workflow of a high-profile multimedia production company with like-minded team members who not only care for one another but also care about the work they do. I want to learn how to make an impact on my community and empower others similarly.

What are some of your career goals in the world of production?

Some of my career goals in the world of production are to become my own content creator so that I can focus on creating content emphasizing mental health education, LGBTQ+ rights and activism, and dismantling white supremacy for collective liberation of my QTPOC community. I am working on gaining more real-world experience in the media industry to hone my skills and build my foundation, as well as networking with my community members.