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January 10, 2019

Portal A + Wheelhouse Entertainment

Today, we’re very proud to announce a partnership that marks a new chapter for Portal A.

We are thrilled to be going into business with Wheelhouse Entertainment, a powerhouse media and entertainment venture founded in 2018 by one of the entertainment world’s most widely respected TV producers, Brent Montgomery.

Read the announcement in The Hollywood Reporter and Adweek.

From our first meeting with Brent, it was clear that he was the type of fearless and relentlessly motivated leader we needed in our corner. As we learned more about the world conquering plans for Wheelhouse, and got to know the best-in-class leadership team he was assembling –including bringing in Jimmy Kimmel as a partner in Wheelhouse– we know this was the type of partnership that would propel Portal A to new heights.

As part of this deal, Wheelhouse will be making a strategic investment in Portal A and taking a minority stake in the company. Portal A will remain independent; and the bootstrapped, underdog mentality that has defined this company over the past decade will continue to be our north star.

This deal will supercharge Portal A in a few important ways. With Wheelhouse’s leadership team behind us, we will grow our footprint nationally and expand our offering to our clients and partners. New connections to talent, network buyers, and leading brands will add jet fuel to our efforts. Brent and his team’s mentorship will allow the three of us, and our entire team, to set our sights even higher.

The vision for Portal A remains unchanged, but the future is brighter than ever before. The mission of this company is to create premium, breakthrough entertainment for a new generation of viewers – and we are so fired up to be doubling down on that mission alongside our new partners at Wheelhouse.

Here’s to big dreams in 2019 and beyond. Let’s do this!

Zach, Kai, and Nate