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Infiniti x Life, Lived

QT with Stephen Curry

A branded series highlighting the many aspects of Stephen Curry’s life off the court.

The Challenge

Infiniti wanted to spotlight brand ambassador, Stephen Curry’s multifaceted personality through three values that define him - imagination, hard work, and humor.

Our Approach

Over three episodes, we gave viewers an unprecedented look into the values that define Stephen’s multifaceted life through a good-natured prank, family singalong, and a sneaker design mini doc.

The Results

Our sing along episode became Stephen’s most watched YouTube video ever at 11m views. The video also was trending within the first 24 hours of launch, and the series garnered over 30m views across 3 episodes.

Stephen Curry is not throwing away his shot—to show you an adorable video of his daughters Ryan and Riley singing Hamilton.

More Episodes

More Episodes

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