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Brita x New Year, New Me

Internet-Breaking Anthems with Stars

Stephen Curry teams up with top YouTube Creators on hilarious music videos for the new Brita Stream.

The Challenge

Build excitement around the new Brita Stream by tapping into familiar hydration struggles - from roommates who don’t refill the Brita to the many downsides of plastic water bottles.

The Approach

We wanted to play up the humor of everyday scenarios to absurd heights through glossy, over-the-top parody videos with two of the best musical comedians on YouTube.

The Results

With over 30 million organic views, 2.5m social engagements, 40+ press stories in leading media outlets, and as one of the top trending videos on YouTube, the series was an internet-breaking hit.

If anyone needs us, we'll be humming "First name Stephen, last name Curry, he came into my life and now everything is less blurry," for the rest of the day, and then subconsciously thinking about Brita water filters.

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