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Biden for President x #ImVotingFor

This time, it's personal
#ImVotingFor POSTS 100,000+

A social media campaign putting the stakes of the 2020 election in human terms, encouraging people to share their heartfelt motivation for voting.

The Challenge

Our insight was that in this election, we aren't just voting for ourselves, we're voting for our loved ones and those who matter most to us.

The Approach

From Joe Biden to Mindy Kailing to Barack and Michelle Obama, we partnered with 50+ influential public figures to launch a social media challenge that would appeal to voters on a personal level.

The Result

With over 100,000 individual #ImVotingFor posts, the campaign was a social media sensation, trending #2 on Twitter nationally and reaching over 500 million impressions across Instagram and Twitter.

Social Content

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Today I found this picture from one of my favorite places on Earth: Paradise Valley, #Montana. It got me thinking about how much I love this country; each and every part of it. How I think it’s worth fighting for and loving fiercely. We often get asked what we are voting for, but what about WHO we vote for? #ImVotingFor immigrants, like my Dad and my Mom’s Momma who came through Ellis Island, from Italy. I’m voting for frontline workers, and essential workers, and for our military and our veterans. For clean air, clean water, the protection of our national parks, and job creation that will prioritize people and the planet. For the food industry, restaurant workers, and small business owners. For better pay for our teachers, and better protections for our students. For racial justice, gender justice, environmental justice, and justice and equal protections for our LGBTQ+ community. For union workers — some who you might know like me and my coworkers ;) AND the entire crew behind each and every show and movie you’ve ever seen. For infrastructure workers, and for safer jobs for them that’ll raise their quality of life and safety. I’m voting for kids with preexisting conditions, and to end the practice of putting kids in cages. For an end to private prisons, and a better voting system that allows everyone’s voice to be heard. For my friends in Cali, North Carolina, New York, Alaska, Montana, Illinois, and everywhere in between. For science. For truth. For kindness. For decency. For a return to listening, and a new path toward unity. We deserve that. We all do. That’s why I’m voting #BidenHarris2020

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