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Teammates of Target

Getting real in the Target parking lot

An entertainment series inspired by a viral YouTube sketch, featuring the original cast alongside NFL and WNBA greats.

The Challenge

Establish a new entertainment franchise that builds brand love and breaks through the internet noise with comedic and culturally relevant content.

The Approach

Bring the beloved Husbands of Target into the Target brand universe, featuring the original cast of characters alongside surprise stars like Matthew Stafford and A’ja Wilson.

The Results

With over 46m total views across content and very close to 100% positive sentiment, the series has been a breakthrough cultural hit for Target.


Garrett Wilson takes his rookie duties SERIOUSLY 🔥Meet the #TeammatesofTarget 🎯- matthewstafford, @Garrett Wilson, @Dude Dad, @The Holderness Fam, @Charlie Berens, @You Betcha, and more! 🎬 Watch the full video in our bio.

♬ original sound - target

Does @Garrett Wilson know who Matthew Stafford is? We sure do! He is a football legend, the ‘minivan guy’ and part of the #teammatesoftarget 🏈🎯✨Come back for more on Big Game Sunday! #matthewstafford

♬ original sound - target

we're pickleball players! & we've got some new TeammatesofTarget @KelseyPlum10 @A’ja Wilson 🏀 😉 @The Holderness Fam @Dude Dad @Charlie Berens @You Betcha

♬ original sound - target

A dynamic duo on ANY court 🏀🏓🤞@KelseyPlum10 @A’ja Wilson. Link in bio for a *NEW* episode of TeammatesofTarget. 🔗 Shop the #PrinceForTarget pickleball collection out now. 🎯

♬ original sound - target