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Esquire x White Collar Brawler

The little show that could.
VIEWS 3.5m

How do you take a crowdfunded web series all the way to TV? By fighting for it.

The Challenge

Ten years ago, we took a leap of faith on an idea that required it – creating a first-of-its-kind YouTube series where fans could follow the action in real-time and even train alongside the protagonists.

The Approach

The series followed Portal A co-founders, Kai and Nate, as they quit the desk life and trained for three solid months to spar in a sanctioned match in front of a live audience with the internet taking sides.

The Result

The series was a viral hit, getting media coverage in The New York Times, San Francisco Chronicle, and ESPN. A year later, we sold the idea to Esquire Network for a multiple season run.

The slick White Collar Brawler...has a premise you don’t see every day.